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Kids activity pack: Jungle, Farmyard Fun & Garden designs

Introducing our Kids Activity Packs – the perfect recipe for turning wait time into playtime! Specially crafted for young adventurers, these packs are a delightful addition to your family dining experience, exclusively designed for hotels and restaurants.

Unleash the imagination with our vibrant colouring sheets featuring jungle, farmyard, and garden designs. From roaring lions to buzzing bees, each page is a canvas waiting to be brought to life with the included set of crayons. Watch as your little ones transform these pages into a burst of color, creating their very own masterpieces.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Engage in friendly competition with our exciting board game and dice. Roll the dice and move your way through a world of fun challenges and surprises. It's a surefire way to keep the laughter rolling while the anticipation builds for their delicious meal.

Encourage memory skills with our pairs matching game, featuring adorable illustrations that transport kids to a world of whimsy. Can they find the matching pairs and become the ultimate champions? The excitement is endless!

Designed with both entertainment and education in mind, our Kids Activity Packs ensure that young minds stay engaged and active, fostering creativity and cognitive development. Keep the boredom at bay and transform waiting moments into unforgettable family memories with our thoughtfully curated packs.

Make dining out a joy for the whole family. Choose our Kids Activity Packs – where every moment is a new adventure!

-  puzzles, word searches and much more!
-  colouring in
-  3 pack of colouring crayons
-  32 card pairs/snap game 
-  Board game with dice and counters
-  straw topper

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Jungle Activity Packs

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Introducing Our Versatile Children's Activity Packs!Make every occasion delightful with our specially crafted Jungle Adventures Children's Activity Pa...
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