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Introducing Our Versatile Children's Activity Packs!

Make every occasion delightful with our specially crafted Jungle Adventures Children's Activity Packs – the ideal solution to entertain young ones at weddings, restaurants, and hotels! Designed to keep children engaged while waiting for their meals, our packs are a perfect blend of fun and education.

Each pack includes:

A variety of puzzles to stimulate young minds

A 4-pack of crayons for creative expression

A colouring-in booklet filled with vibrant images

A board game complete with dice and counters for interactive play

Snap cards for an exciting card game experience

A picture puzzle game for added entertainment

Looking for a themed adventure? Explore our Jungle Adventures Activity Pack with exciting jungle-themed activities for even more fun!

The vibrant design and engaging activities make these packs a hit with families, creating a positive and memorable experience. Packaged in a convenient cool wallet format, they are not only fun but also easy to handle.

Affordable and entertaining, our Children's Activity Packs and activity packs for children are a must-have for weddings, restaurants, and hotels looking to enhance the dining experience for families. Elevate your establishment's appeal with these lively and educational packs that guarantee smiles and happy moments for the little ones!

Case size: 100 packs

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    Jungle Activity Pack, Kid’s Activity Packs, Activity Packs for Restaurants

    Pack Size (folded) - 235mm x 165mm
    Pack Print - Full colour x 1 side, black and white x 1 side
    Pack Contents Print - Full colour (all items)

    About our Safari children’s activity packs

    Our Safari activity packs are filled with fun with various items to keep young minds busy.

    Both sides of the pack feature games, puzzles, colouring-in and has a pop-out handle for easy carrying. The contents include a 3 pack of colouring crayons, a 32 card game/snap cards, a board game with dice and counters, a picture puzzle and a straw topper.

    A fun-filled childrens activity pack based on a Circus theme.
    Ideal to keep young minds busy while they are waiting on their food.

    Each kids pack generously contains:
    -  Puzzles, word searches and much more!
    -  Colouring in
    -  3 pack of colouring crayons
    -  Versatile 32 card game (can be used to play a memory game or snap)
    -  Board game with dice and counters
    -  Straw topper

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    Entertain, Engage, Eat: Unveiling The Kids Menu Jungle Activity Packs

    Unlock a world of vibrant fun and excitement for young minds with our Kids Menu Jungle Activity Packs. Tailored for children dining in restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels, these packs are the perfect recipe for keeping little ones happily occupied while eagerly awaiting their delicious meals.

    Discover the Jungle Magic Inside Each Pack

    1. Stimulate Young Minds: Our kids packs come packed with a variety of puzzles designed to spark creativity and stimulate young minds. From brain-teasing challenges to delightful picture puzzles, there's something to captivate every child's imagination.
    2. Expressive Crayons: Encourage artistic expression with a 4-pack of crayons included in every Jungle Activity Pack. Watch as children bring the jungle to life with a burst of colours, turning each page into a masterpiece.
    3. Vibrant Colouring-In Booklet: Immerse kids in a world of vibrant images with our colouring-in booklet. Filled with enchanting jungle scenes, it's a journey of creativity that transforms dining time into an artistic adventure.
    4. Interactive Board Game: Elevate the dining experience with an interactive board game complete with dice and counters. Let the jungle-themed fun unfold as kids engage in friendly competition, making mealtime memorable.
    5. Exciting Card Games: Spice up the dining table with snap cards for an exhilarating card game experience. Fast-paced and full of surprises, it's the perfect way to add a dash of excitement to any meal.
    6. Picture Puzzle Game: For an extra layer of entertainment, our packs include a picture puzzle game. Challenge young minds to piece together jungle scenes, fostering problem-solving skills in a playful setting.

    Why Choose Our Jungle Activity Packs?

    • Low Cost - High Value: Our Jungle Activity Packs are not just entertainment; they are a cost-effective solution for keeping children happily engaged, ensuring a stress-free dining experience for parents and caregivers.
    • Bright, Colourful Characters: Featuring eye-catching jungle characters and illustrations, our packs add a splash of colour to the dining table. The lively designs capture the imagination and create a visually appealing experience for the little ones.

    Explore More with Our Children's Activity Sheet Menus

    Don't miss out on the double dose of fun! Dive into our Children's Activity Menus, custom 2-sided menu sheets brimming with word searches, puzzles, colouring-in, and more. It's not just a meal; it's a feast of entertainment for the young and the young at heart.

    Transform dining into a joyful adventure with The Kids Menu Jungle Activity Packs and Children's Activity Sheet Menus - where every bite comes with a side of laughter and exploration!