Activity Sheet Menus
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Abranded kids placemats

★ Branded Activity Sheets ★

Personalised on both sides 

★ Standard Activity Sheets ★

From only 11p per sheet

★ Activity Packs★

Fun filled packs from 49p per pack

The Kids Menu – the home of unique childrens activity packs & activity menus.

Our range of colourful kid’s menus, activity packs, placemats and crayons has been designed to keep your little guests happily entertained. And of course as you know, if you keep the kids happy the parents are happy too, which is always a good thing!

As a business you understand the importance of good ROI. Our products are not only essential and practical but look great and offer exceptional value for money. For only a few pence the children are kept fully occupied which means their parents are able to relax, enjoy their surroundings and spend some lovely money.

Everything we supply is suitable for use in; Restaurants, Public Houses, Hotels, Garden Centres, Leisure Centres, Car Dealerships, and Wedding Companies - in fact any place where kids are present.

Every designs is fully co-ordinated and can be purchased separately or as part of a complete package. We have themes to suit all types of restaurants selling all types of food.

And don’t forget everything can be branded (or left generic if you prefer) which means your details are printed and clearly visible for everyone to see.