About Us

About Us

Founded in 2008, The Kids Menus is managed by a team of talented and dedicated designers. Our core business was in the field of graphic design and this led to the business naturally developing within our existing portfolio of work.

In the early days we started with a couple of menu designs which were launched at the London Restaurant show. They were so successful that we quickly went into the studio and came up with more designs, bringing the total available to 14. All created and tailored for children aged up to 12 years of age.

Our range has grown and we now also supply:

• Activity/kids packs. Each pack is crammed with puzzles and games, and is available in 5 fun filled and colourful designs. They come supplied with a jigsaw, memory card game and a pack of crayons.

• Colouring crayons – non-toxic and are supplied in an individual pack of 4 bright colours.

• Promotional posters – we can design and print A2 sized promotional window posters which can be   produced for any restaurant, outlining any special offers. Perfect to draw those customers in.

• Menu design and printing

• Tent card design and printing

We understand that efficient delivery of a well designed product at the right price, is what builds long term relationships. We look forward to doing that with you.