Colouring Crayons, wax crayons 4-Pack

Entertain Little Diners: The Kids Menu Colouring Crayons

Welcome to a world where dining out with kids becomes a breeze! Our Kids Menu Colouring Crayons are here to transform your restaurant, café, bar, or hotel experience, ensuring both parents and children leave with smiles on their faces.

Vibrant Variety in Every Pack

Picture this: a set of 4 wax crayons in lively red, calming blue, nature-inspired green, and sunshine-filled yellow. These colouring companions are designed to keep young minds engaged and entertained, turning the dining table into a canvas of creativity.

Perfect for Any Family-Friendly Establishment

Whether you're running a family restaurant, a quaint café, a bustling bar, or a luxurious hotel, our Kids Menu Colouring Crayons are the perfect addition. These little gems add a splash of colour and excitement to your establishment, making it a welcoming space for families.

More Than Just Crayons

But wait, there's more! Our crayons are not just colourful sticks; they're the secret ingredient to keeping children happily occupied. Pair them with our Activity Sheet Menus, and watch the magic unfold as kids dive into puzzles, word searches, and colouring activities while eagerly awaiting their delicious meals.

Low Cost, High Value

We understand the importance of affordability, especially in the hospitality business. That's why our Kids Menu Colouring Crayons are not only entertaining but also a cost-effective solution for your business. Low in cost, high in value – it's a win-win for both you and your young patrons.

Explore Endless Possibilities

And that's not all! Take a moment to explore our Children's Activity Sheet Menus and Kids Activity Packs. Bursting with fun designs, engaging word searches, challenging puzzles, and captivating colouring activities, these packs are curated to make dining out with children a joy for everyone.

Elevate your establishment's family-friendly atmosphere with The Kids Menu Colouring Crayons – because happy kids mean happy families. Transform your tables into art stations and turn dining into an experience they'll cherish.

4 pack of non-toxic wax crayons.

Colours: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

Minimum quantity: 720 packs